Skyrim Cheats

A collection of cool Skyrim Cheats for you to try out today in Skyrim.

Weapon leveling: One-handed, Two-handed – just fetch a follower, and smash them with your weapon. You’ll growth you level. This works out best on the nord in Riften in skyrim, as she are classified as essential and can’t be wiped out, nor will she attack you back. She can depart your service, but you are able to simply ask her to accompany you again at once, and continue.

Conjuration: apply Soul Trap upon a body to gain Skyrim Conjuration skills.

Restoration Skill: Cast the Equilibrium and Healing simultaneously; does not level Alteration (possibly as Equalibrium requires no magika to cast). Equalibrium will bend your health into magic, producing and infinite magic pool for the healing spell that will refill your health.

Coins: POST PATCH (PS3 + 360) Go to winterhold, and look south (towards a big hill) on pebbled road. You may come upon wolves. And then turn right as you see a big arch, continue till you find the eyeless pit map icon, and circulate to the top of it. You’ll see an concrete ‘shrine’ go up to the board wherever the skeleton are and acquire the sword by him. He and others rise from the death, kill ┬┤em all and then click upon the skeleton that was on the board, and and then click away, and duplicate you’ll discover a certain book additions in number in the skeleton’s inventory, as you’ve had sufficient take the books, (when you’ve left the skeleton vanishes so this may only be done one time) Try take an follower at that place so you are able to get more books.

Store Chests: Underneath stores (and even out exterior stores) is chests which carry the total store’s inventory, (as well the measure by gold the storekeeper presently has) and as well a item, called “don’t Delete” which are a chest that may be called for. Applying the trick above, you are able to access a few of the aforementioned chests. Among the better places to do this skyrim glitch is Elgrim’s Elixirs (Riften), as it’s an very easily available chest.

Rolling without perk: when sneaking, whenever you jump , while jumping, press down the alt key, you’ll carry out a forward roll on landing without the perk.

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