Invisible Dawnstar Chest in Skyrim

Invisible Dawnstar Chest Skyrim Cheats

This chest has at least 100+ diffence items that are very helpful in the game

1. Get yourself to Dawnstar in Skyrim

2. Go past the 1st mine and keep going up the hill side to the upper part of town

3. Keep walking until you reach the 2nd mine, and to the right of the mine entrance you will see two rocks side by side next to old tree. Walk towards them.

4. Walk up to the two rocks, crouch and then walk forwards slowly. There you will see a “open chest” icon pop up on your screen.

The invisible chest is full of stuff, and the better part is, that is resets every single 3 minutes. The skyrim chest is fully random, which means you might get a bunch of iron armor the first go, and then you might get Dragon armor instead. The chest in dawnstar has mostly weapons, potions, and a tiny bit of heavy armor.

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4 Responses to “Invisible Dawnstar Chest in Skyrim”

  1. Carter says:

    That cheat is the kajhit caravans

  2. Dnizzle says:

    I only know of the one mine in, or even near Dawnstar, and that’s the Iron Breaker Mine. Could u post a map or give directions from that mine?

  3. john says:

    i made a glicth were i made three oghma infinium in xbox 360 !!!!!

  4. EPIC MAN says:

    wow im level 31 and i find dadric wepons is npc’s houses

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