Daedra Hearts In Skyrim

Are looking for more Daedra Hearts in Skyrim ?

I have found a few good location for them:

Jorrvaskr in the room where Kodlak Whitemane is found in, it spawns on the desk on a plate and it will respawn at the beginning of each month. You must steal this Daedra Heart.

Two on a shelf in the laboratory of the Nightcaller temple near Dawnstar

A evil thief who gets caught bothering a kid can also drop a heart after being killed by guards within a city.

One In Sinderion’s Field Laboratory in Blackreach, below Alftand. (this is on the main questline)

One can be pickpocketed from Elgrim in Elgrims’s Elixers. (PS3)

Narfi will give two maybe three ingredients as rewards after you give him Reyda’s necklace in the quest Locate Reyda’s remains. There is a slight chance of getting a Daedra Heart from him.

Malyn Varen summons three Dremora mages during the battle at the end of Black Star Quest and each one has a Daedra heart that can be looted.

One heart can be found in Sinderion’s Field Laberatory at the bottom of Blackreach, Alftand. Its located on a shelf to the left of the laboratory entrance.

At Mehrunes Dagon’s shrine during the quest Pieces of the Past, 2 Dremora Markynaz will spawn and you can loot their corpses for a daedra heart each. Also, inside the shrine spawn two Dremora Churls, which also have Daedra hearts.

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