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Skyrim Dwarven Armour

Dwarven Armor are a Heavy Armor set that comes out in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. This ancient bronze-gold colored armor consisted to the gone race titled the Dwemer. Dwarven Armor may be crafted on the Dwarven Smithing Perk accessible at Smithing degree 30. Dwarven Metal Ingots is accustomed both craft and improve Dwarven Armor [...]

Skyrim Cheats

A collection of cool Skyrim Cheats for you to try out today in Skyrim. Weapon leveling: One-handed, Two-handed – just fetch a follower, and smash them with your weapon. You’ll growth you level. This works out best on the nord in Riften in skyrim, as she are classified as essential and can’t be wiped out, [...]

Married Skyrim

Married Skyrim ceremony are a recently introduced ingredient in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. After receiving the Amulet of Mara ( The Amulet of Mara can be purchased by Maramal for two hundred gold coins. He can be detected at either the Bee and Barb or the Temple of Mara in Riften ), the Dragonborn [...]

Smithing skills in Skyrim

The simplest and cheapest method to master smithing in Skyrim are by prevailing leather and leather strips at every chance you have. With the leather strips and the leather, you can now forge leather bracers easily. They simply acquire one leather and 3 leather strips. It is the most low-budget way as any beast you [...]

Skyrim Destruction Skill

When you first join the Fighter’s Guild in Skyrim, you will be prompted to go outside in the open and duel with one of its members. Once you are outside in public , switch over to destruction magic and use it against that fighter guild member repeatedly. He shall keep telling you to use a [...]

How to marry anybody in Skyrim

This skyrim cheats is a guide on how to marry virtually anyone in Skyrim. Press the tilde (`) key to bring pull down the command console, and type in the code “addfac 19809 1″ (Not admitting the apostrophes.) with the wanted NPC chosen, and you are able to get married them. They will be expanded [...]

Skyrim Pickpocket Cheat

In The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360, pickpocketing is one of the easiest skills to level up, and can be very lucrative. Level Pickpocketing With Skill Trainers A very fast trick to leveling up pick pocketing fast is by spending money on skill skyrim trainers, and then pickpocketing the [...]

Increase your Illusion skill fast

Most of the Skyrim spells require you to actively use them in combat situations or on specific objects to progress, but the Muffle spell do not require this. The Muffle spell is an Illusion spell that quiets your movements. Continually cast Muffle while you are walking around the world of Skyrim to boost your Illusion [...]

Fast Conjuration skills

Buy or steal a horse. Learn the spell soul trap. Use soul trap on your new horse. Your horse will not be damage and your conjuration skills will go up. Repeat this as much as you wish.

100 Speech Skill

Travel to Riften and go to the Black Brier Meadery. Talk to Ungrien at the desk and ask him about Maven Black-Brier. He should tell you something nice. You now have the option of persuading him, bribing him, or just accepting what he has told you. The persuade has a Speech check of 25 (must [...]

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